Toddlers and Tablet Use

Many new gadgets are out in the market. Nowadays, it is fairly common to see a toddler holding a tablet. Too much use of the tablet by a toddler can lead to several negative effects, including the tablet in a certain sense. If you suspect that your toddler is starting to get way too attached to the tablet, try checking this list [...]


Teens and Smartphone Addiction

The smartphone is one of the latest trendy gadgets that every teen wants to own. Smartphone has many uses that users can benefit from. Or get a teen addicted to it. Teen smartphone addiction is rather alarming adults—parents, educators, etc. Here are the truths about teen smartphone addiction… Smartphone first The second [...]


Big Data and Big Data Analytics

Big data is the term used for data sets that are complex. Traditional data processing application cannot deal with these data sets. Big data refers to the use of predictive analysis or advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data. Definition Big data includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used [...]


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