Best Gadgets to Monitor Baby

Monitoring your baby isn’t just trivial to his or her over-all safety. It’s vital. You can’t help but you’re your constant eyes toward them to avoid any harm. It’s this reason that you need these gadgets to help you better in monitoring your baby. This will not only help you stop worrying all the time but also keep track [...]


Best Web Tools and Apps for Yoga Lovers

In the last post, we talked about how yoga is becoming important and relevant today and the many highly informative yoga blogs out there. If you are a yoga lover, you may need some bit of help from technology to create a different, if not better, yoga experience. There are a bunch of apps in store for you that can help you have your [...]


Best Blogs About Yoga

You work hard. You play hard. But you also have to exercise hard to keep your physical body in tiptop shape. We now live in the age of yoga. Everybody seems to be enjoying it. And benefitting from it too! So why not join the bandwagon? There are many blogs out there that can provide you good guidance. Here are the five best yoga [...]


Apps for Productive Thesis Writing

Thesis writing takes a lot of focus and attention especially if you are running out of time. Want it done once and for all? Why not try using some of these apps to make you productive in writing whilst having a good thesis outcome. Trello Trello is an incredible app that helps you organize and sort your to-do list. It gives you an [...]


Top 10 MOOC Subjects

As Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC’s have become a popular mode of learning, many courses have been added to the original MOOC list. Now, all participants or students can have a wide variety of topics they can choose from. Here are the top 10 MOOC subjects over the years… An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python [...]


Massive Open Online Courses

As the world continuously evolves, systems also evolve. In the aspect of education, the programs are also evolving and getting better and better. With the use of technology, getting an education today is easy. There is a new innovation to education called Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC. This is the new way to take up full courses [...]


How to get a free account & earn money with Offcloud