Updates for Summer 2018 at Offcloud

It has been a long time since we haven't published anything on the blog. Throughout past years, we hired some talented content writers to refer to topics around our industry, but this hasn't brought much of the impact we initially thought.

It has been over a year now we stopped publishing these articles. So, we have now decided to use the blog to keep you updated about our product updates every month or so. That is something we have always been busy to do in the past, but as we acquire traction, we feel our users deserve such a thing.

So, what happened at Offcloud lately?

1) The Fetch Integration is now live

We implemented a simple yet ingenious way to allow website owners and app developers to refer visitors and users to our service flawlessly using the data found online they may index. That’s an exciting experiment. You can learn more about it here.

2) Faster downloads and overall processing

We spent tremendous efforts over past months to fine-tune our system and make it always faster to fetch links and download data. Month after month, it is becoming better and outpacing the competition.

3) Improved stability for Google Drive, Mega.n and Microsoft One Drive (OneDrive for Business)

We also improved our capacity to upload data to Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive (including OneDrive for Business). We now make use of faster APIs, and we begin partnership programs with the various cloud storage providers to which we can upload data.

4) Support for Novafile is back

We are happy to announce that support for Novafile is now back on tracks, following weeks of interruption.

5) FPX payment method available

We added FPX as a payment method, which is a popular solution in Malaysia. It complements popular solutions such as PayPal, credit cards or crypto-currencies.

That’s pretty much it for now! We hope you appreciate these updates. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the support centre if you have any question or suggestion regarding our services. is a cloud-based download manager that lets you fetch, unlock or speed up any content found on the web directly to your device or to some cloud storage space.