Must Have Accessories for Your Computer

Our computers come with everything we need to get things done, don't they? They're ready to go with their screens, their keyboards and some form of mouse... that's all we need, right? Well, wrong.

Our computers come with everything we need to get things done, don’t they? They’re ready to go with their screens, their keyboards and some form of mouse… that’s all we need, right? Well, wrong.

In order to get your computing work (or hobbies!) done the most efficiently, there are a few accessories you can add in to your computers – or even laptops – in order to make your life easier. Not only will working become more comfortable for you, but you’ll probably get things done quicker, too!

If you’ve been finding yourself struggling to plough through things recently, then just keep on reading!

Computing Accessories to make your life easier

The right software

This should be a given, really, but if you’re trying to get things done with less than perfect software, you’re not really going to get anywhere and you’ll just end up stressing yourself out. For example, if you’re a photographer and edit a lot of photos, why struggle along with Windows’ “Paint” when you can invest in Photoshop and make your job easier? Yes, the financial investment is significant, but in the long run it’ll be worth it!

A responsive mouse and comfortable keyboard

If you’re using a laptop, the chances are that you’ll be working with the inbuilt keyboard and track pad. These are fine for when you’re on the go, but if you’re not using a PC when you’re at home, then why not invest in a comfortable keyboard and a responsive mouse to make your life easier, and make your computer use more comfortable – it sounds pointless, but it will make a big difference!

A wrist rest 

Save yourself the injuries and just use a wrist rest. They can be picked up at an affordable price from Amazon, or eBay, and will make a huge difference in supporting your wrists to stop you getting aches and pains, and possible injuries from staying in the one place for too long.

External storage

Back. Up. Everything. Get yourself a good external hard drive and make regular backups of your computer and any important documents, work, or other data. Trust us, you may live to regret it if you don’t do it!

Printer, scanner and copier. 

Buy an all-in-one unit to take care of all three jobs for you. You never know just how much you need a printer, or a scanner, or copier, until you find yourself without one. Useful for printing off reports, invoices, or even a letter to a friend, and scanning everything back in – you definitely need to invest in one.

Offcloud, your cloud-based download manager

One accessory we can’t forget is your cloud storage! Every one needs an account with a reliable and secure cloud storage provider, no matter who you are and what you use your computer for. We here at Offcloud can provide that to you, with a few added extras! When you sign up for an account with Offcloud, you’re given a free version of our main accounts; this gives you the ability to fetch and store cloud based content to refer back to later on, and instantly download from BitTorrent into your cloud storage, with 10GB of free storage space, and 100 direct download links. This gives you the chance to fully experience our service for free, before making a financial commitment to us!

To top it off, there’s no surplus applications or software to download; Offcloud does it all, right in your browser. Simple, but effective. is a cloud-based download manager that lets you fetch, unlock or speed up any content found on the web directly to your device or to some cloud storage space.