Top 4 Communication Apps

Gone are the days when all you could do with a mobile phone is make phone calls and send the occasional text messages. These days, mobile phones can feasibly stand in for your computer in a pinch, and are all around browsing, entertaining powerhouses that make up a force to be reckoned with. Of course, communication is still a big thing with mobile phones, as is expected, and applications are making waves in the mobile technology industry in their advancements of mobile communication. Of course, we all have our favourites, and here are four communications apps that we absolutely love.

Top 4 Communication Apps for your Mobile

WhatsApp is an IM available on most smartphone operating systems that allows you to send messages, photos and videos to people whose telephone numbers you have with very little impact on your mobile data or broadband – including people overseas! Because it’s compatible with a wide number of phones and available in a large number of countries, it’s incredibly popular the world over.

WhatsApp is available for free for the first year of use, incurring a small fee ($0.99/£0.69) each year of subsequent use.

iMessage is built into the majority of Apple devices for free communication (when you’re connected to the Internet) with other Apple devices; this includes your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iMac and MacBooks – so a huge range! Although of course iMessage isn’t available on Android devices, so many people own iPhones these days that you’re sure to get at least some use out of it! You can send messages, photos and videos, all using your data rather than your mobile plan.

iMessage is free on the vast majority of Apple devices.

Although technically categorised as social media, Twitter is fantastic for communication with your friends, family, favourite celebrities, and people the world over in just 140 characters. The use of Twitter and its mobile applications is completely free, though of course you’ll need your own Internet connection.

The power of Twitter is amazing, so it’s well worth looking into if you’re a business or have a cause you’d like to present or support.

Ever wished you could communicate solely in photographs? Well, now you can! Snapchat has been around for a while and is growing massively in popularity at the moment; with more and more people signing up to the website everyday. The whole thing is about snapping a photo (which you can go ahead and set a time limit on so it’s irretrievable after X amount of seconds), adding a small amount of text if you wish, and then sending it out to people you’re friends with. It’s more about fun than actual productive communication, but that’s something we love about it!

Snapchat is free!

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