The Best Apps for Entertaining Children on the Go

Children and long journeys really don’t mix too well. They get bored easily and tend to get a little loud when they’re bored! While you can take plenty of games, crafts, books and so on to keep your little ones entertained on long journeys, this all mounts up into extra luggage that you just might not have the space for. Fortunately, you can condense these things onto a tablet or a mobile phone and have almost the same effect, taking up nowhere near as much space! All you need are a few good apps, and we’ve got some great recommendations for you.

Great apps for entertaining children

Netflix/YouTubeObviously you’ll need quite a bit of a data allowance for these to be any good to you, but Netflix and YouTube are both really great options for keeping little ones entertained with appropriate movies, TV shows and other videos that they’re sure to enjoy. Give them something to do, a set of headphones and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes only with entertained children.

If your little one loves to read then the Kindle app is a must have. You can instantly download millions of books (some for free) that they’ll enjoy reading. You can also amend the text size, so if they need it a little bigger or a little smaller then you’re covered. Not to mention it’s a whole lot lighter than carrying around loads of books!

Ketchapp Games
Ketchapp games are simple but incredibly entertaining. They give you a simple premise within a free game that’s practically guaranteed to keep attention for hours – they may be all you need! There’s such a large range of games available from Ketchapp that there’s something for everyone, and they make for fantastic entertainment whilst on the go.

Peppa Pig Happy Mrs Chicken
This one’s a little more specific than the others, but if your little on is a fan of Peppa Pig then downloading the Happy Mrs Chicken game is a must! Not only will they love getting to play something that’s featured within the show itself, but they’ll enjoy the game and be nice and content. Give it a go.

Spotify/Apple Music/Other Music Apps
Music never fails to go down a treat, so making sure you’ve got some sort of music streaming application downloaded is a must. You can download your own playlists with most of these applications, so there’s no need for a data connection once this is done. Simply sort out your playlist, save it to your device and you’re good to go!

Offcloud, your cloud-based download manager

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