Our Must Have Every Day Tech

If, like us, you're always on the lookout for the next big thing in technology and have a number of everyday favourite pieces that you like to keep with you to make use of!

If, like us, you’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in technology and have a number of everyday favourite pieces that you like to keep with you to make use of!

Today we’re going to be talking about our personal favourite pieces of technology that we use on a day to day basis and wouldn’t swap for any other piece!

Perhaps if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next piece of technology, you’ll find it here!

Our Must Have Everyday Tech

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

This choice of phone was largely due to the size of the screen; as its so large it negates the need for a tablet as well as a mobile device, and can work as a computing device in a pinch. In fact with the huge number of apps available on the App Store, you can take care of most forms of work straight from the palm of your hand.


Amazon Kindle 6inch

For avid readers, you can’t do better than a Kindle. The screens of the standard e-reader devices are flare free and mimic real paper fairly well. Amazon also have a huge number of eBooks available in their store, many of which are completely free or very low in price, and are great for taking on the go.


Raspberry Pi 3

Arguably one of the smallest computing devices there is, the Raspberry Pi is pretty brilliant. The third model has plenty of added features, including built in wifi, that make it a joy to use and to travel with. You can load up your choice of Linux based operating systems and perform most things you can on a Windows PC, but for a small price tag in a small case!


Bluetooth Keyboard

There’s a few of these knocking about that we love to make use of. Whether with the Raspberry Pi or with any other device, they’re an ideal way to ensure you’re always getting a comfortable bit of typing done – especially if you do a lot of it. The one that gets used most also has a laptop style trackpad built in, making it perfect for use with the Pi as its compact, easy to travel with and a bit of a versatile object! Definitely something to look into if you do a lot of typing.

Offcloud, your cloud based download manager

Just like everyone else, we use a number of different pieces of technology and devices. This means that we often have to transfer the files and media that were using from device to device, and the easiest way for us to do this is using our Offcloud cloud storage.

Here at Offcloud, we offer a private, secure and reliable cloud storage network, allowing our service users to store their information and files safely.

Not only can you upload files into your cloud storage, but you can also download instantly from BitTorrent directly into your cloud storage, and fetch cloud based data to use later on. You can do all this with our free account, too, allowing you to fully test out our services before committing to a higher package.

With the free account you get 10GB of storage space and 100 direct download links. Give it a go! is a cloud-based download manager that lets you fetch, unlock or speed up any content found on the web directly to your device or to some cloud storage space.